Husqvarna Auto Mowers


If you dislike gardening or have a busy lifestyle and wish to spend precious free time elsewhere, but still want the perfect lawn without any effort, then the Automower is the product for your home. For thousands of years, grazing sheep have shown us how to manage a lawn to perfection: cut just a little, all the time, in a random pattern.

At Husqvarna, we decided to take the idea further and developed Husqvarna Automower robotic lawn mower. It’s been proven and perfected over many years to give you a perfect lawn while you do – nothing.

Automower™ is like employing a full-time working gardener, but on a negligible salary. Automower™ is the first fully robotic lawnmower, capable of working around the clock day in day out. It’s not just user friendly, but environmentally friendly as well, since it is powered by electricity and produces no harmful exhaust emissions. The unique mowing technique is based on Automower™ continuously cutting the grass several times in random patterns within the boundaries you decide. When it’s time to recharge the battery, Automower™ automatically returns to its charging station.

Automower™ is designed to mow grass on the simplest of lawns to complex, undulating gardens. When an obstacle such as a tree or rock is in the way, Automower™ simply reverses safely and selects a new direction before continuing. This also goes for pets in your garden. Automower™ won’t do them any harm.

Annual servicing is relatively simple and inexpensive compared to a ride-on lawn mower and includes updating software, and running diagnostic programmes. 

Things to keep in mind when buying Husqvarna Automower™

  • Select an Automower™ model according to the area to be mowed.
  • Large wheels allow Automower™ to run on uneven lawns and handle inclines of up to approximately 35%.
  • Automower™ is weatherproofed and perfectly happy to work in the rain.
  • The control display is also very simply designed and works just like a mobile phone. You can select settings to match your individual needs.
  • Automower™ is theft-proofed and can be left unattended. In case someone tries to steal it, Automower™ becomes totally worthless.
  • Automower™ is exceptionally silent. So it won’t disturb the neighbours, even when working night shifts.

Ranging from £1000 (garden up to 500sqm or 1/8 acre) - £3000 (6000sqm or 1 1/2 acres) INCL. VAT

If you would like to know more or find out if your garden is suitable for an Automower, give us a call or see us in store. We can also do a visit to your garden to assess and recommend the best machine for you. 

We often have a few automowers in stock in store in our Sussex branch as well as 2 demo machines out working for you to see in action. To find out more simply see us in store or give us a call.

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