FMF Full System TE/TC - Special Kit Price!

£698.00 £560.00
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NEW FMF Titan Powercore 2.1 silencer

  • Outer sleeve made from the finest, blue anodized, Titanium
  • Titanium end cap
  • Full sound despite low noise level
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to install

FMF Fatty expansion chamber

  • Made of high quality, extra strong and durable steel
  • Nickel-plated surface
  • Broader, smoother powerband
  • Higher speed
  • More traction, better throttle control
  • Complete with o-rings
  • Combination with FMF silencer recommended


TC250/TE250/TE300/TE250I/TE300I 2017-2019

Can be bought seperately:

FMF Titan Powercore 2.1 silencer: £360

FMF Fatty expansion chamber: £220

Please give us a call on 01892 782288 to find out more or to purchase the items seperately.